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Gerry Geurkink’s Resume

Owner/IT Consultant at HostGuardian.com
Lexington, Kentucky Area | Internet

I have extensive experience as an internet architect. Building large-scale database-driven sites with event-based traffic (large spikes) is what I do best. From the server build-out to published content, there is no layer I am not familiar with (including, but not limited to: initial requirements, concept, design, server installation/configuration, development, testing, migration, deployment, and SEO).

I also have over 19 years of network operations experience that includes the planning, implementation, and day-to-day operations of a variety of wired and wireless network environments – concentrating on security, redundancy, and overall network performance. Over 13 years of management experience in team oriented technology departments.

Building networks, servers, and web sites is my life. From gigabit local area networks to carrier-grade PTMP and PTP wireless networks. From Linux/BSD/Solaris/Windows to Virtualization. From brochure sites and blogs to database-driven applications and video publishing platforms.

Specialties: Network operations, system administration, web application development, SEO, SQL database administration, content distribution networks (CDNs), scripting, disaster/recovery, high availability, clustering, automation, monitoring, virtualization (XCP/Xen/VMware), SAN/NAS, linux/unix administration, Windows administration, VoIP, VPN, fixed wireless (PTMP/PTP), firewalls, Cisco routers/switches, Citrix, security, active directory, Exchange, managed services, and data center management.

Business Development / Web Developer (2012 - Present)
Trinity Renewal Systems

• Implemented industry specific publishing platform for independent carpet cleaners.
• Developed customized invoicing/scheduling application for carpet cleaning industry.
• Assist in sales/marketing strategies.

Owner and IT Consultant (2000 - Present)

• Planned, designed, developed, and maintain an ASP service that
provides network monitoring to its customers.
• Designed and developed custom application functions for
port/content/bandwidth monitoring, process verification, and router
latency/packet loss analysis.
• Provides IT consultation to a variety of high profile clients in and around the Lexington KY area.
• Provides custom hosting solutions for database driven web sites and web-based applications.
• Provides managed system administration in both Windows and Linux environments.
• Web application and database development.
• Network infrastructure, database/application schema, and security auditing.

Chief Technology Officer (2009 - 2012)

• Manage and lead technical contractors including PHP development, web and graphic design, mobile web development, mobile app development, and flash/Silverlight development.
• Manage and lead development department.
• Manage technical support department.
• Manage content department.
• Manage design and video department.
• Responsible for uptime and system integrity.
• Responsible in guiding all technical staff to produce and support the most attractive online system for high schools and the teen/student market.
• Participate in and manage technical aspects of national and state level internet and TV broadcasts.

Sr. Systems Engineer (2008 - 2009)
SDGblue, LLC

• Provided expertise in areas such as network infrastructure, Unix and Windows server administration, database administration, and security to both SDG and its clients.

Vice President/General Manager (2002 - 2008)
QX.Net Company

• Managed day-to-day operations of technical support center, co-location facility, and wireless network.
• Replaced a network that relied upon local loops, provided by the phone company, with a state-of-the-art wireless network. One main POP with six sub-POPs, all inter-connected with wireless gigabit links. Sub-POPs broadcast PTP and PTMP stationary links utilizing 80GHz, 5GHz, and 900MHz technologies. Client connections ranging from full duplex 10Mb to full duplex gigabit links, all with single digit latency.
• Managed server farms capable of handling over 17,000 email accounts and 3000 web sites. Multiple levels of spam, virus, and attachment scanning, as well as IP-based reputation filtering.
• Software and platform responsibilities include Linux, Solaris, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Apache, IIS, MySQL, MS SQL, PHP, ASP.net, ColdFusion, Bash/sh scripting, IronPort, ModusMail, VMware, and Citrix XenSource Enterprise.

Vice President of Technology (1999 - 2002)

• Responsible for building out large-scale dynamic web site infrastructure for iHigh’s national site, 50 state sites, and 10,000+ high school sites.
• Network hardware responsibilities include 10 Sun Solaris servers, Cisco load balancers and firewalls, Cisco switches, EMC Symmetrix, 10 Intel based Linux servers, 10 Intel-based Windows servers, 50 desktops, and 30 laptops.
• Software and platform responsibilities include Linux, Solaris, Windows
2000/XP, Apache, IIS, Oracle 8i, MySQL, MS SQL, Vignette StoryServer,
PHP, ASP, ColdFusion, Bash/sh scripting, Great Plains, and MS

Network Engineer (1997 - 1999)
SouthEast Telephone

• Responsible for building out dial-in ISP infrastructure capable of
supporting 10,000 dial-up customers.
• Planned, designed, purchased, implemented, and performed day-to-day operations on central office/ISP equipment ranging from micro-computer based telephony switches, DS3-DS1 and DS1-DS0 muxing gear, modem banks, and BSD Unix servers.
• Network hardware responsibilities included Telos Sonata Switch, AirNet BSC/OMCR/TRAU/AirSite PCS gear, 3Com TotalContral modem chassis, Intel-based Unix servers, Sun Solaris servers, Tadiran DS3-DS1 Mux, Adtran DS1-DS0 mux, and central office wiring hardware.
• Software and platform responsibilities include BSD Unix, Solaris,
Windows, Apache, IIS, AirNet PCS GUI, Tadiran CLI, Bash/sh scripting, and Radius authentication.

District Network Technician (1995 - 1997)
Woodford County Public Schools

• Responsible for district-level network, and individual school networks.
• Deployed state mandated IP and Microsoft Exchange network.
• Maintained 7 separate Novell Netware LANs, with over 500 connected

Skills & Expertise

System Administration, PHP, SQL, Virtualization, Security, Managed Services, High Availability, Infrastructure Management, Linux, Windows Server, Hosting, Server Monitoring, VPN, IIS, VoIP, IP, ASP.NET, Data Center, Servers, Microsoft SQL Server, Unix, Cloud Computing, Web Applications, Cisco Technologies, Network Security, Hardware, Microsoft Exchange, Enterprise Architecture, Active Directory, Routers, Solaris, Windows, Databases, MySQL, Firewalls, Wireless Networking, Switches, VMware, Disaster Recovery, Networking, Citrix, ASP, Web Development, Apache, Patents, Xen Cloud Platform, Technical Support, Network Administration, SEO, DNS

I have relied on Gerry for Web site and database hosting for almost nine years now. I have always been impressed by his knowledge and expertise. He is very responsive and is a pleasure to work with.
Gerry is a talented network administrator with proven experience maximizing the effectiveness of existing infrastructure, guiding the design and implementation of advanced solutions, and using technology to increase profitability.
Gerry is a very talented and capable IT executive. He has exceptional problem solving skills and ability to break down complex problems into a development plan with smaller manageable parts. He is able to discuss highly technical topics with developers and simplify them so that clients and executives can easily understand them. He is innovative, energetic and a natural leader and a great addition to any management team.
Having the opportunity to work with Gerry through the development of Trinity Renewal Systems from it's inception has easily been one of the most profitable and rewarding experiences of my life.

Gerry is and has been one of the most knowledgeable, forthright, honest and professional people I have had the privilege of working with.

His ability to formulate a concept, explain it so a layman can grasp it, and see that same concept through to completion is amazing.

Gerry's grasp of every aspect (from the basic 'brick & mortar' customer interaction) to a detailed complete understanding of profitable web development is unparalleled in my life's experience.
Gerry Geurkink worked for me as district network technician while I served as Director of Technology for Woodford County Public Schools. Gerry brings an excellent knowledge base and work ethic to the job. His interactions with faculty and staff and attention to detail went well beyond the norm. In addition to having exceptional technical skills, Gerry brings that unique ability of a technologist who is able to interact well with students, faculty, staff and administrators. He is also quite skilled in developing and providing inservice training for all levels of users. I gladly provide my highest recommendation for this exceptionally talented young man. George Ira Stancil, III (cell 509-869-0119)
In working with Gerry I found him to be extremely knowledgeable, personable and experienced. His willingness to help, attention to detail and work ethic are just a few of his many professional attributes.
I had the privilage of working with Gerry on several Managed Service projects while at SDGBlue. Gerry brought a strong combination of technology and business skills to our team, but it was Gerry's attentinon to detail, teamwork and excellent customer service that impressed me the most.
It is extremely rare to work with someone as talented, well-rounded, friendly and motivated as Gerry. He possesses the uncommon ability to communicate with developers, managers, designers, executives and shareholders with no difficulty. A man who can balance time, goals and budgets, Gerry naturally becomes a keystone to those around him and can successfully lead a team. As if that were not enough, he is exceptionally gifted technically and is capable of learning anything. In the areas of programming, systems architecture, hardware and networking, few people are as capable as him in so many areas at once. He has built and hosted entire platforms from scratch that operate for years with little effort. Problem-solving is essentially a fearless, fun task for him. He is an excellent teacher/coach to other technical people and delegates very efficiently. I would love to have the opportunity to work with Gerry again in any venture.
I design websites both large and small and Gerry has always been there for me when there’s a problem. He’s quick, knowledgeable and very, very patient. He’s been my go-to guy for over ten years and he’s always got the answers I need.
Gerry, is that rare combo of tech and communication. Gerry is a very talented, very bright programmer, but his greatest asset is communication. he can give you or how he can "break it down" for anyone at any level, and listen to clients, and deliver solutions. I have worked with a ton of talented programmers, and CTO's, Gerry is the best of all those I have worked with. he understand the technology is only as good as the client wants, needs, and can use! Not many CTO's can help you sell, Gerry is that guy!
Gerry was the key person at a colocation and ISP facility that we chose to host our servers. To be honest, I knew Gerry before he went to work at the facility, and the only reason I gave my business to that company was because of Gerry. In the area of networking, Internet, colocation, and server hosting, Gerry is one of those "must have" contacts that every growing IT company must have at its disposal. I can't say enought about Gerry's professionalism, his attention to detail, his willingness to help, and his overall knowledge in an area that is critical to all growing Internet companies.
Gerry has the ability to bridge the gap between his broad technology knowledge base and the business needs of his clients. He is a well spoken professional and was certainly an asset to SDGblue.
Gerry has the rare ability to communicate effectively with both engineers and management, a skill I saw demonstrated many times during his years as the Chief Technology Officer at iHigh.com. I would not hesitate to recommend Gerry to manage technical projects of any size.
I worked with Gerry on an ongoing basis at Saint Joseph Health System/KentuckyOne Health on a number of development products, in addition to using his company, HostGuardian, as our external website host. Gerry went out of his way to become a subject matter expert on our environment, consistently being proactive in developing new ideas for the site and making recommendations.

Gerry was an integral part of the team and was responsible for many site improvements including online quality reporting, developing a new hosting environment, interactive facility mapping, and was instrumental in our award winning site redesign.

I highly recommend Gerry and hope we get the opportunity to partner again.
Having worked with Gerry within the same company and then having him help set up my new company's IT shows that he is not only a top notch worker / employee, he is also a person who you can trust to do the right thing. No matter the capacity, when Gerry said something was going to get done, it did. Expertly, efficiently and always with a smile.
Gerry is a very professional and detail-oriented individual. His work ethic, attitude, commitment to success, and innovative spirit set him apart from his peers and will benefit any organization with which he works.
I have worked with Gerry on and off for several years. His prompt professionalism and attention to detail is second to none. I will work with Gerry any chance I get.
I have worked with Gerry for well over three years, mainly as colleagues at iHigh.com. Gerry is one of those rare individuals with a strong technical background yet also astute at management, business development, customer usability user support structures. He is also an SEO Whiz Kid. My work with Gerry has shown to me that he is reliable and timely in all of his work. Indeed, Gerry was a major linchpin in the organization.

During my time at iHigh, Gerry and I worked in tandem to build traffic, create a customer support program, create a CRM and many other projects. He was always ready to listen and adapt ideas that we would discuss together. Most of the CRM structure and support structure of iHigh came as a direct result of our work together.

Since our departures from iHigh, we continue to work together on some independent projects.

Gerry is a pleasure to work with and would be an asset in any web-based and/or SEO-related projects that may be thrown in his direction.
During my time at ihigh.com I worked with Gerry. I found him to be an extremely knowledgeable IT professional and manager. His ability to get the best from the people that reported to him was second to none. In addition, Gerry possessed a very broad IT skill set, which allowed him to quickly find a solution for the vast majority of IT situations and ultimately lead his team to success. Gerry was a very team focused IT professional who should be an asset to any organization!
Every time we contact Host Guardian to service a client we receive prompt, professional and friendly service. We value our client relationships and are confident in recommending Gerry to anyone.
Gerry is extremely talented, smart and was very good at his job with iHigh.com.
Gerry is a detailed oriented person that is very knowledgeable with many different technologies. The first project that he worked on for me was a custom written application for the cash advance industry. This program has been in use and working perfectly for 5 years now and I have been able to sell this application to 9 other cash advance stores. I was so pleased with Gerry’s work ethic that we formed the company Sitespace, LLC. I would highly recommend Gerry to any company or person that needs a professional person that can meet face to face with clients as well as maintain and develop a wide verity of technologies.

Richard Day
Gerry and I were peers at IHigh.com. He ran the technology group and I ran the development. I was very fortunate to have worked with Gerry in the technology group since he was the first to get the system alerts and let me know if it was an issue due to my group's software running on his servers. He was very dedicated, hardworking and quck problem solver. We worked late nights monitoring the web traffic and running backups on the system his group managed. I highly recommend him for any technology positions and he was a pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with him in the future.
Not only has Gerry guided me and many of my beleaguered colleagues out of several late night, technological nightmare scenarios over the past few years, but working with him is a true joy and always yields incredibly creative, highly effective results- without question.
Gerry was a great manager. He allowed the freedom to me to expand the IT infrastructure and manage it as needed. He is a person that is a hard worker and a great communicator.
I have worked with Gerry on numerous occasions and always been extremely pleased with what he has delivered. Gerry is one of, if not, the most technology savvy people I know and he would be an asset to any company looking for someone to bolster its IT infrastructure.
Gerry is knowledgeable, personable and experienced. His work is solid just like his work ethic. We worked together at iHigh for a couple of years, and since then I have taken every opportunity I can to work with him. Many of my company's clients rely on the host and process monitoring services Gerry's company, hostguardian.com, provides. If I had the money I'd hire him outright, right now. No questions asked.
He's that good. Period.
When the University of Kentucky needed a stable infrastructure to serve high-bandwidth multimedia applications, Gerry Geurkink and Host Guardian exceeded far beyond our expectations. Gerry is an expert-level systems administrator and well-rounded technologist. He delivers beyond expectations. He never makes a promise he doesn't intend to keep. I am fully satisfied with Gerry's work and intend to maintain his services for a long time to come.
During our time at iHigh, Gerry was one of the key ingredients to the successes we had. He brought a tremendous wealth of knowledge of the technologies available and how we could deploy the product online. Gerry was also very careful to listen and understand the details within the sports end of the business so his team could provide the best possible product.
Attention to detail. Gerry is one of my favorite all time persons to work with. Not only is he knowledgeable in every aspect of what is required of him but he often ventured outside his department to help others with technical issues. Willing to take on the additional effort and enjoyed doing it. He is enterprise level and that means scalable solutions implemented properly to ensure growth and success. I trust Gerry with any technical implementation I have and always know he will have the solution.