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Airbrush Ideas

For the airbrushing on my new paint job, I would like 1 of each of the following elements (some can be smaller, like anarchy and NA symbols, some can be bigger):

Large Items:
* Stripper on pole with bills floating around – back part of front fender (right side).
* Grim Reaper – right side of tank.
* Demon with horns giving the horns symbol with his hand – left side of tank.
* Skull with right hand holding gun and left hand holding brass knuckles while giving the middle finger on front fender.
* A cross on top of tank, with skulls laying underneath it.
* Insane Custom rides logo – back fender.

Smaller Items:
* Narcotics Anonymous (NA) symbol.
* 8 Ball.
* Anarchy symbol.
* VIP Card.
* Playing cards/gambling element.
* Skeleton hand holding rosary – right side cover.
* Woman’s skeleton hand holding crescent wrench – left side cover.

For background and interconnecting everything, I would like to use:

* Skulls.
* Chains.
* Barbed wire.
* Bones.
* Smoke/fog/flames/tribal, whatever suits you.

I basically want the airbrushing to look like someone who is tattoo’ed up, like a sleeved arm or an entire back piece. So, I don’t want much empty black areas left.

  • 1375141_168512393352976_1050505218_n
  • attarctive-anarchy-symbol-tattoo-on-leg
  • DSC034742
  • custom painted Skulls and Crosses 032copy
  • 1377977_168512450019637_42730340_n
  • Insane_Rides
  • eight-ball-tattoo-design
  • flaming-demon-have-devil-horns-tattoo
  • Grim_Reaper
  • Img242168_Ace_of_Spades_with_skull
  • grim reaper, gesture 162352
  • gambling-poker-tattoo-on-muscle
  • sexy-stripper-pin-up-girl-tattoo-body-art-design-hot-woman-pole-dancing
  • skeleton_middle_finger1
  • skull_with_barbed_wire_by_beth182-d3ipqa9
  • skull-gun-tattoo-design-4
  • Skulls2
  • vip-card
  • NASymbol1

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