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Airbrushing is Finished!


Scott Loechel finished up my airbrushing this month. He did a terrific job, I am really happy with the way everything turned out. Insane Custom Rides did the black paint job, clear coating, and the LED lights.

Airbrush Ideas

custom painted Skulls and Crosses 032copy

For the airbrushing on my new paint job, I would like 1 of each of the following elements (some can be smaller, like anarchy and NA symbols, some can be bigger): Large Items: * Stripper on pole with bills floating …

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Hummer H2

Hummer H2

Ever since they started selling Hummer H1s to civilians I have wanted one. But I am not going to spend 6 figures on a vehicle. So we bought a Hummer H2 instead. Love it!

Kawasaki Ultra 300X

Jet Ski

The 2011 Kawasaki Ultra 300X. 300HP. 1498CC engine with a roots-based Eaton super-charger. We added a governor-override that now allows the ski to go 74MPH. 0-60 in 2 seconds. Hold on tight, its a wild ride.

Definition of Sea Ray

Sea Ray

We consider our boat a part of the family. Not as a material thing, but because what our boat allows us to do as a family. Hanging out, talking, eating, tubing, wakeboarding… all without cell phones, TVs, and crowds.



We camp at one of the most beautiful areas in the United States. Holly Bay Campgrounds at Laurel Lake in London Kentucky.

Boat with Tower

Sea Ray 220 Select

When we first purchased our boat in 2006, we weren’t into wakeboarding. After we rode behind a boat with a tower a few times, we knew we needed to add one. This is what our boat looks like now with …

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